Pay by Purchase Order or Check

Pay by Purchase Order or Check

The following “estimates” are provided for purchasers to use when making a purchase from Maestro Theatre Publications.  After deciding which package you would like, please click on the corresponding package number. The estimate will provide you with the information you will need to determine the correct final purchase total of each package. If purchasing by check or purchase order, please note that there is an additional handling fee. If you are planning to make a tax exempt purchase, your tax exempt certificate with the tax ID number MUST accompany your purchase order or check. By purchasing any Maestro Theatre products you agree to the Maestro Theatre Publications “Terms of Service”

  • There is no ISBN # for our materials. TEA has approved the use of allotment monies to purchase instructional materials without ISBN #s
  • We do not have a fax number. Please scan and email POs to or mail to Mandy Epley, 15019 Morning Path, San Antonio, TX 78247.

Should you have any questions prior to your purchase please check our FAQ, your question may be answered. You can also reach us through our contact us page.

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