Package 13: (DYNAMIC DUO) The Production Process Guidebook: Tips and Tools for Creating the “Total Package” Production and Sight Lines: The First Year Blogs


The Production Process Guidebook:  Tips and Tools for Creating the “Total Package” Production is a production process guidebook with tips to optimize show selection, organize effective rehearsals, and coordinate performances.  The publication provides tips, strategies, and practical advice on how to create a unified production that can make a smooth transition from a home performance to a touring production.  The production process guidebook models how you can create your own customized production resource for any production and is designed to provide a structure for organizing and executing a well-run production. From selecting a show, to the rehearsal period, and even traveling the production, this resource offers tips and templates for directors to utilize in production and rely on while traveling.  It is a practical system that provides support and focus to your play production.


Sight Lines:  The First Year Blogs from Maestro Theatre Publications, LLC shares the thoughts and memories of Rick Garcia, Renee Buchanan, Mandy Epley, and Patty MacMullen as they reflect on their experiences as theatre educators. Whether you use the publication as leisure reading, for journal prompts, or for self-reflection, Sight Lines will be a valuable addition for those who need inspiration, information, and insight into the theatre teacher’s world.