Package 2: 204 Daily Lesson Plans/Instructional Guides


This package is a comprehensive instructional guide. It includes 204 daily lesson plans with multiple concepts taught daily, a unit outline, and it is 100% compliant with Texas Essential Knowledge Skills. The following are included in the package:


  • Sample Classroom Rules and Contract
  • Suggestions for Working with the Reluctant Theatre Student
  • Maestro Performance and Project Critique Policy
  • Maestro Tips & Tools for Creating Project Groups
  • Encouraging Volunteering for Performance Order
  • Solutions for Grading the Absent Group Member
  • Support for Gifted and Talented & Special Needs Students
  • Designing a Commanding Image for the full package production
  • Terminology/Glossary

Writing daily lesson plans and providing structure and support for your students are time consuming tasks. When you purchase Package 2, you will have instructions for daily lesson plans at your fingertips while saving prep time and providing a consistent classroom structure.

***Please note that we highly recommend the purchase of Packages 3 (Activities and Games), 6 (Journal Prompts), and 7 (Methods of Assessment) in addition to Package 2 in order to fully utilize our daily lesson plans/instructional guide.***

You are limited to two downloads of each of the materials that you purchase. When you open a purchased downloadable file on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone make sure that you save a copy of the materials for later access since each time you open the file on a device directly from the Maestro Theatre site you have effectively downloaded the file.

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