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Purchase Options

Package 1: estimate/invoice


INCLUDES one year FREE subscription to the MAESTRO interactive website which can be renewed on a yearly basis

This purchase includes ALL packages listed below

  • Plus a free one year subscription to, A unique INTERACTIVE  RELATIONSHIP
  • Curriculum updates, supplements, Open Forum Discussions, Continued dialogue with the writers, Blogs, and more

Individual Package Purchase Options

Package 2: estimate/invoice

204 Daily Lesson Plans / Instructional Guides
Unit Outline / Multiple Concepts Taught Daily
100% compliant with Texas Essential Knowledge Skills


  • Sample Classroom Rules and Contract
  • Suggestions for Working with the Reluctant Theatre Student
  • Maestro Performance and Project Critique Policy
  • Maestro Tips & Tools for Creating Project Groups
  • Encouraging Volunteering for Performance Order
  • Solutions for Grading the Absent Group Member
  • Support for Gifted and Talented & Special Needs Students
  • Designing a Commanding Image
  • Terminology / Glossary

Package 3: estimate/invoice


100+ Activities & Games: For the Body, Voice, Imagination
PLUS access to Demonstration Videos

Package 4: estimate/invoice

In the High School Cafeteria, You Sat with the Whats?:
Improvisations-Situations & List of Stereotypes-Characters

Package 5: estimate/invoice

Actor Tool #4: 
How to Score a Script and List of Action Verbs

Package 6: estimate/invoice 

Talk Theatre: 
333 Maestro Journal Prompts

Package 7: estimate/invoice


Maestro Methods of Assessment

  • Grading a Monologue Production Evaluation Sheet
  • Monologue Critique Sheet #1         Monologue Critique Sheet Option #2
  • Maestro Scene Critique Sheet          Theatre Inventory Pre-Test
  • Theatre Inventory Post Test             Theatre 1 Mid-Term Test & Key
  • Theatre Arts 1 Final Exam & Key

 Package 8: estimate/invoice 

Maestro Theatre Substitute Lesson Plans: 2 Weeks

Package 9: estimate/invoice

Maestro Theatre Home Bound Lesson Plans / Maestro Theatre In School
Suspension Lesson Plans:  6+ Weeks

Package 10: estimate/invoice

$40 one year subscription is a renewal only

Package 11: estimate/invoice


Sight Lines, The First Year Blogs

Package 12: estimate/invoice


The Production Process Guidebook: Tips and Tools for Creating the “Total Package” Production

Package 13: estimate/invoice


The Dynamic Duo: The Production Process Guidebook and Sightlines “The First Year Blogs”

Package 14: estimate/invoice


Action, Communication, Thought: an Actor’s Guidebook for Building Character