Sample Lesson Plan

 Sample Lesson Plan

THEATRE ARTS I / 1st 6 weeks / Day 4

OBJECTIVE:  Student will develop and practice theatre preparation and warm-up techniques.

Create an original “Me Poem” that conveys meaning to the audience through live performance.

BIG IDEA:  The importance of knowing “Who am I?” before an actor can begin to portray someone else.   Trust and ensemble are important to create art.


Passing Period:  Teacher should establish environment and tone for the day before students arrive.  Choose appropriate background music for your classroom. Make sure you greet students at the door. This is an ideal time to check roll and connect with your students.

0-5 minutes: Body and Voice Warm-ups.  See 100+ Activities and Games Supplement

5-8 minutes: Imagination exercise. See 100+ Activities and Games Supplement

8-17 minutes: Name Game #4 from the Activities and Games Supplement. In order to expand the game the class can add last names to the game.

17-24 minutes: Read Langston Hughes’  THEME FOR ENGLISH B:   “The instructor said, Go home and write
a page tonight.  / And let that page come out of you / Then, it will be true….”

24-34 minutes: Prompt for discussion: Do not look at the poem.  Which phrase do you remember most? Which phrases were repeated? What proper nouns were used? (names of schools, cities, streets, etc.)  Assign journal: Write a “Who am I” poem.  You may write it in the style of Langston Hughes or in your own style.  It must have at least five proper nouns that apply to your identity.  Your writing must include your age. Monitor students as they write. ASIDE:  Guide students by asking them to complete a list of the places they have lived, places they have gone to school, list family members’ names, the street they live on, etc.

34-38 minutes: Play UP/DOWN to group into partners. See ASIDES Grouping Section

38-48 minutes: Students should share their “Me Poems” with their partner by reading them out loud and discussing their poems. Monitor the groups. ASIDE: If you recognize that students have not completed their poem or wrote a minimal amount, encourage them to complete the poem on their own and include it in their journal to be reviewed at a later time or at your regularly scheduled journal review.

48-50 minutes: Closure. Remind students that they now have earned a grade for their “Me Poem”. Encourage students to bring glue, personal photos, scissors, magazines, colored paper, and markers etc. for the following day’s assignment.  Having these supplies available on a daily basis in your classroom is extremely helpful.

Buffer Activity:  Discuss:  What does a “Who am I” assignment have to do with acting?